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I was just doing a search to add on to my communities and found you guys.  My name is Tani and I live (for the time being) in Texas.  Let's just say that Texas is not one of my favorite places to live, heh.  Anywho, I make my living as a field archaeologist/soldier while spending time with my other half who is an active duty soldier.  We have no children together, nor do we want any.  We do have, however, three adorable cats, Mama Cat, Darwin, and Anakin.  I like to read, hike, travel, dine out, hang out with friends, go riding with my SO on his Harley (a '95 Bad Boy) and most of all, run.  I love to watch Law & Order: SVU, Project Runway, Chelsea Lately, and lately, America's Next Top Model.  Why, I don't know, especially since I can't stand Tyra Banks and her dramatics.  Maybe because it's such a trainwreck?

I recently had abdominal surgery, so I've been cooped up in the house trying to find things to do (no running for 4 weeks!).  I'm looking to expand my Friends on LJ, so it's good to meet everybody!


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