JD1973 (bucksatan73) wrote in addmeover35,

Here goes for first post on here.  Just restarted my LJ and I'm looking for people to chat with.

What is your first name?

Where do you live?
Hamilton, MT

What do you do for a living?
PhD student/part time professor

Are you married or single?

Any kids?

Cooking, Bonsai, MLB, Hiking, and Movies

Favourite TV shows?
Most things on BBC, Food TV, and Comedy central 

Nope but we are saving for a English Bulldog puppy

Bucksatan73 came from the band Revolting Cocks, I do not worship the devil.

Anything that makes you unique or differentiates you from those around you?
I have lived in various locations in the US from the NW to the deep South to the Midwest.  Let's see, what else, I enjoy talking politics as I'm getting my PhD in government.  So if you want to talk politics, I'm always up for that.  Thats it for now.

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