There's always free cheese in a mousetrap. (simplecity2htwn) wrote in addmeover35,
There's always free cheese in a mousetrap.

Add me if you dare

I'm 35, happily married, and a LiveJournal junkie. I'm also a full-time telecommuter, so I indulge my addiction quite frequently.

I'm pretty irreverent, liberal with an occasionally conservative bend when it comes to common sense matters. I talk about whatever the hell I feel like discussing in my journal and I welcome the opinions of others, even if I think they're trash.

I like discussing music, current events, politics, sex, travel, food, and almost everything else, except cats. I hate cats. They're the lone-gunmen of the animal kingdom.

I currently live in Texas, and while I do love it, I haven't completely drunk the koolaid. After all, I'm originally from DC.

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