_scarlet_ibis_ (_scarlet_ibis_) wrote in addmeover35,

I need people who have things in common with me, dammit!

I'm obsessive about Morrissey and Robert Smith
Lately, I've become rather fond of Russell Brand and The Mighty Boosh... particularly Noel Fielding.  I... think there is a crush on Noel Fielding in the works  Don't quote me on that.     Yet.

I need some friends that will squee with me over these things. 

Oh, and you have to be intelligent.  You must have a silly fangirl side and a serious intellectual side.  Are you this elusive creature that I am thinking of? 

WARNINGS:  I'm an atheist.  I'm a raging liberal.  I'm snobby.  I'm fat and fairly political about it.  I dislike Republicans intensely and I write about it sometime.  I find Lolcats adorable and memes relax me.  <- These two things don't really fit in with my overall personality, but they are true nonetheless.  I've recently discovered that I'm allergic to wheat and gluten, so I'll probably be writing some obnoxious entries about coping with that stuff.  I'm a mom, so I sometimes say momish things.  Other than that, I'm FABULOUS.

Have a peek at my profile to see if you can tolerate me.


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